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From Clicks to Keys: ClearCar to Disrupt the Used Card Market With New Innovative Online Platform and Retail Centres

ClearCar hopes to provide consumers with more choice when it comes to the used car buying experience

ClearCar, a new omnichannel platform for selling and buying used vehicles, has officially launched in British Columbia, with a second location on the way. Its mission? To empower consumers to take full control of the buying and selling process, from clicks to keys, with a seamless online interface and refreshingly non-traditional retail experience.

With its digital-first model, ClearCar is able to provide customers with an exceptional list of differentiating services, including a dedicated ClearCar Consultant, who works with each customer as a single point of contact during their car shopping journey, from start to finish. ClearCar also provides consumers with flexible test driving options, including extended 24-hour and remote test drives, and brings the car-buying experience right to a potential customer’s doorstep with complimentary delivery within Metro Vancouver.

“We designed ClearCar to change the game in the used car market and to put customers squarely in the driver’s seat,” says Sharon Rupal, Vice President of ClearCar. “There is currently nothing quite like it in the Canadian market today. With today’s technology and changing consumer behaviour, people are looking for new, simple, and flexible ways to buy and sell their cars, especially where they know the best price upfront. ClearCar is able to provide consumers with that level of convenience and transparency, including peace of mind with our 180-point inspection reports, free online CARFAX reports, and confirmed vehicle sticker prices. No haggling is needed. This is the future in selling and buying used cars, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of change in the industry.”

For those who want the face-to-face experience, there is currently a ClearCar retail centre located at 5995 Collection Drive in Langley, with a second location coming soon in Burnaby. The ClearCar retail centre allows potential customers to browse and see certain cars for sale in-person, speak with a ClearCar Consultant, and go for accompanied test drives (which can be booked ahead of time online). The personalized service doesn’t stop after purchase; ClearCar owners will continue to receive after-sales support from their dedicated ClearCar Consultant with matters related to service maintenance (through their OpenRoad Group partners) and ClearCar’s best-in-industry warranty products.

“ClearCar’s physical location is a key part of our commitment to exceptional customer service for those who prefer an in-person experience,” adds Rupal. “Whereas our online platform offers a new level of convenience and control, our ClearCar Retail Centre complements this with a no-pressure, refreshing environment.”

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